Sometimes it's good to sit by the fire and just think.


Consider your life options - take time away from work to just think. Dream. Imagine. Plan. Write. Soak up all the creativity.

Open up an access point by writing. Allow the creativity to take over and do its thing.

Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? You don't have to do anything that anyone else has done. You can create your own path. Pave your own way towards financial freedom. Create the work you want to and sell it however you want to. Work with the people you want to. Explore different opportunities. Study. Plan. Execute. Travel. Be with family.

The flood gates to my mind are always overflowing. A million ideas come into my head daily and it's hard to chose a path and stick with it. But like I said before, if I trust in creativity, or a higher power, the path will chose itself, I just have to follow it.

But some action is required. Decisions do need to be made. Money needs to be made. Mouths need to be fed. It's best to not go into this blindly. But smart. Take what I have learned and improve.

Take a risk. Even if you/it fails, at least you tried.

Don't sell out to the man.

I made a pledge of sorts to my family. That I wanted to pursue a different line of work. One that I was truly passionate about. One where I could create the work environment I wanted and be in control of my time and my attention and my creativity. One where I wouldn't have to work weekends, or travel far in the car, or answer so many god damn emails. If I were an artist, I could paint, draw or design my way into the kind of peaceful, family oriented, creative lifestyle. Simple, fun, positive and artistic would be good adjectives I strive for in the life I want to create for my family.

That doesn't mean not working hard. Emails will have to be sent, meetings across town will have to be met, deadlines will call for late nights and certain seasons will require more attention. The hustle will continue - perhaps harder. But it will be full of art, and creative people, and beautiful experiences. Better than now. Different than now.

Photography for me has become stale. Perhaps I need to change up my subject. Shoot stock photos. Really push the commercial game. Really make the current business, Blackwell Photography, strive and become a successful brand. I dunno, all things to consider.

It's interesting to think of the right now and the next 30+ years of my career.